Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a tough and expensive task. Here’s one way to ensure you get the most for your investment – hire our experienced Memphis plumbing company for your bathroom remodeling job. We will save you hours of precious time and make sure your bathroom is remodeled beautifully.

Suppose you to renovate or remodel a master bathroom. Bathrooms are essential parts of a home and consequently get more wear and tear than just about any other room in a house. What’s more, bathrooms have a hot, humid environment by nature, meaning that the materials used in them must withstand moist heat.

The majority of the labor (and cost) of a bathroom renovation isn’t in the surface elements, such as tub, shower, sink and toilet, but in the underlying plumbing. All of these are good reasons for hiring a Memphis plumber to remodel your bathroom.

Residential plumbing works on two principles, pressure and gravity, which make up the two subsystems of home plumbing. Pressure brings water into the home for cooking, drinking, washing and sanitary facilities. Gravity pushes wastewater and solids down the drain, where it meets the sewer system that angles downward to allow gravity to push the water out. Setting up both functions require the training and skill of a licensed plumber in Memphis.

The two subsystems of a home plumbing system are kept separate from one another until they transfer at what it called a “bridge” device or fixture. A sink is a good example of a bridge fixture, where clean water for washing comes in through the faucets, and wastewater exits through the drain. A toilet is another example of a bridge device. A licensed plumber knows best how to install these appliances when doing renovations & remodeling in Memphis.

In addition to the pressure and gravity systems of home plumbing, the toilet drain must be attached to a special vent to allow sewer gases to escape. This work also requires the special skills of a licensed plumber.

There are some ways to save money on your bathroom remodel. For example, once a licensed plumber installs the correct pressure and gravity systems, homeowners with enough skill can install sinks and toilets. However, more complicated jobs such as tiled showers require professional services of licensed plumbers and other qualified contractors.

In addition, there are bathroom remodeling projects that are certain to raise the cost of a plumbing project. Changing the size of a bathroom, moving load-bearing walls, upgrading from PVC to copper pipe or changing the locations of fixtures such as sinks and toilets can quickly increase the cost remodeling your bathroom.

When faced with such decisions, it can be a major benefit to have the professional services of a licensed plumber available. A qualified Memphis plumber will have information on the most economical and efficient improvements that can help homeowners get the most out of their renovations and remodeling dollars.

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