Toilet Installation & Toilet Repairs

Most homeowners have faced problems with household toilet installation and toilet repairs, like clogs that can be fixed using a plunger, or replacing a valve on a toilet that won’t quit running. However, sometimes it’s best to hire a reliable Memphis plumbing company instead of trying to do-it-yourself.

There’s actually one rule to follow when trying to decide if it’s time to hire a licensed plumber for toilet repair & installation: if the problem seems to be extensive or will take more than the usual home maintenance knowledge to fix, it’s time to call in a professional. Otherwise, even a skilled do-it-yourself-er risks doing more harm than good.

Here are a few warning signs of major toilet problems:

  • Cracks in the toilet tank or bowl. These indicate the toilet should be replaced.
  • A toilet that keeps running even after you’ve successfully replaced the floater valve.
  • Sounds of running water in the wall behind the toilet.
  • Leaks around the base of the toilet bowl or around the handle.
  • Persistent clogging despite frequent attention with a plunger. This could indicate a major clog in the sewer line leading from the house, often caused by tree roots.

The last item, persistent clogging, is most often the result of a block in the sewer line. While homeowners can rent what’s known as a sewer rodding machine to try to clear the blockage themselves, these machines are difficult to handle and can damage the toilet drain or the sewer lines. That’s why it’s often smarter to let a Memphis plumber take care of the problem.

Sometimes toilet problems can be caused by low water pressure throughout the house. Many causes can affect residential water pressure, such as debris in the water lines, low pressure from the municipal, county or well supply, or even poor design of the water supply lines. Only a licensed plumber can analyze this situation and determine the correct cause.

In areas that experience extreme winter weather, toilet problems can result from frozen water pipes. While it’s possible for homeowners to thaw out frozen pipes, often a pipe has already cracked or burst by the time the problem is known. Repairing any extensive damaged caused by frozen water lines, especially if it results in the need for toilet repair is a job best left to a professional, licensed plumbing company in Memphis.

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